A Word from our customers

Shohana Khan


My son counts down the days to when he can come to school, because he feels so at home in the environment that the staff at Alamiyah have created. It's a place where he can nurture his interests, exert his mind and be protected from anything harmful to his pure and developing character mashallah. And he always comes home beaming!



"During the settling in period, the staff made a great effort to understand my daughter's emotional needs, respect them and work out a settling in process that worked for her. It was a very different approach to many nurseries who expect the parents to depart the premises by day three."

"One of the most appealing aspects of Alamiyah is the mixed age classes - three to six year olds- all in the same classroom, constantly learning and interacting together. X likes to observe the older children doing their work, and is learning by watching all the time. I'm guessing this is how, when the shape of some bubbles in her bath coincidently looked like the continent Africa, she shouted out "Look mummy Africa!"

"On X's first full day at school - six months after starting at Alamiyah - she carried her lunch box into school with so much pride. This image is etched into my mind, along with the reactions of the two teachers who welcomed her into the cloakroom. They became part of her world at that moment in time, sharing in her joy and excitement."

"At Alamiyah Islam is not presented or reduced to a set of rituals or dogma; it's a natural part of the environment. It's the way the children are respected as human beings, allowing them to explore and be creative, to think for themselves and problem solve. It's the way the teachers role model behaviour and are seen performing their prayers. It's called grace and courtesy - walking quietly, speaking politely, tidying up an activity for the next person and learning not to waste food. This is what makes Islamic and Montessori philosophies, not only complementary, but one."

"When I drop X off every morning, I really feel like she is in the care of teachers who are without a doubt special."

"During the Hajj season X came home from preschool one day and drew lines circling the top of her large cardboard box playhouse. " It is the Kaba" she exclaimed. We spent that week painting the box black and she taught her younger sister to walk around the box as if they were doing tawaf."

"The teachers at Alamiyah are observant practitioners. They are able to have substantive conversations with me about the progress of X, tell me things about how she learns, and most importantly do not compare her with other children or the so called national average. It's nice to see her journal which is constantly updated with observation notes and photos of her work cycle, and I really appreciate being able to observe her at the preschool coffee mornings."

Humma Elahi


We are appreciative to be able to see a Montessori education combined with Prophetic Islam. Each and every part of the school has an intention and purpose in order for our son to learn, this is truly amazing.

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