Packed Lunch and Snack

A good diet is essential to the well-being of children and has a direct impact on their learning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so please ensure that your child has a good breakfast at home before they start their day.


A healthy snack and water will be available for children at all times throughout their sessions. However this snack is not a substitute for breakfast, it is simply an energy boost since children naturally use a lot of energy throughout the work cycle and need to have healthy nutritious snacks available to them. The snack usually consists of a portion of fruit along with toast, ricecakes or breadsticks.

Packed Lunch (for students staying full day)

Parents are asked to bring a packed lunch for their children if they are staying full days i.e. morning and afternoon sessions. Packed lunches should be healthy and nutritious to aid concentration for learning. Please avoid meals which are processed or which contain high sugar or fat content as these foods will have a negative impact on your child’s concentration and learning. Children who do eat food with a high sugar content often have difficulties concentrating in the afternoon sessions. Children will be required to finish their main meal so please send in a reasonable portion, which can be finished with ease. Children who finish their main meal are given some time to eat an additional item such as fruit or yogurt. If a child’s packed lunch is unsuitable or the portions too large or small a post-it note will be left in the lunch box. Please do read this carefully and make amendments to your child’s lunch. During lunch time, staff supervise the children carefully following a thorough procedure to make sure that correct table manners and Islamic etiquettes for eating are adhered to.

Possible Ideas for a Healthy Lunch Box:

Pasta Bakes/Salad Fruit Yoghurt Quiche / Pies
Brown Rice Rice Cakes Cucumber ,Tuna, Sweetcorn Salad/Pasta/Pitta
Cherry Tomatoes Bread Sticks Carrot/Celery/Cumcumber Sticks
Cheese Crackers Cream Cheese Wholemeal Sandwiches / wraps / pitta
Fruit Salad Hummus Healthy Dips – Guacamole, Salsa, Yoghurt
Mackeral Bean Salad Fruit Puree


Therefore children are not permitted to bring:

Sugary drinks Sweets / Chocolates
Crisps Processed foods such as processed cheese


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