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Alamiyah School is a newly registered independent Muslim Montessori primary catering for ages 3-9 years. The school initially started off as an Ofsted registered Pre-school in September 2011 and was rated outstanding by Ofsted in June 2015. The school operates under the Alamiyah Educational Foundation which is a UK registered charity with registered charity no.1158578. 

Our Philosophy

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said “play with your child till 7” and it is in various forms of play that the child develops a love and enthusiasm for learning that can last their entire life. Our intention is to encourage and preserve the natural inclination of our children through a stimulating and beautiful environment.


Alamiyah School offers a broad curriculum which gives children the freedom to discover and explore their own individual talents. Children develop a deep understanding in subjects and methods in line with the Montessori curriculum and more.

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