Our Staff


Hanan is qualified with a PGCE for the 3-7 age group covering the EYFS, the Foundation stage and Key stage 1. She also holds a Montessori Early Years Diploma for children age 3-6 and has 5 years of Montessori Teaching experience. Hanan is responsible for the daily running of the School specifically the teaching and learning, delivery of the curriculum and pastoral care of the pupils in the whole school. Hanan leads the staff during staff briefings and meetings.

Montessori Early Years Support Teacher

Jaweeria has a Montessori Early Years Diploma from the Kent and Sussex Montessori Centre. Jaweeria gained a BA in History from Brooklyn College in New York in 2009 and worked as a teaching assistant for two years in the US before deciding to join the Alamiyah School as a Trainee Overseer and Trainee Presenter. She trained at the Pre-school as a Montessori Early Years Teacher and started her Diploma whilst working with us from 2011-2013. Jaweeria took a career break to start a family and has returned in September 2017 as a support teacher.

Arabic Curriculum Advisor

As a native Arabic speaker from Yemen with teaching experience from Yemen and the UK, Sanaa has the skills and experience to make a valuable contribution to the Arabic teaching team. Sanaa has a degree in the Arabic Language from Hadramaut University in Yemen. Studying the Arabic language in depth has provided her with the skills to converse fluently in Fus-Ha (Modern Standard Arabic) along with the ability to converse in the main colloquial dialects of the Arabic speaking world.

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