Alamiyah Pre-school (APS) and the Alamiyah Education Centre (AEC) are initiatives of the Alamiyah Institute 'Schools Project'.

The success of both the Pre-school and Education Centre have lead to the set up of a dedicated charity, the Alamiyah Educational Foundation (AEF) (reg. charity number 115857) to acquire and grow these operations and to develop a range of complementary initiatives to drive forward the educational vision of the AEF as inspired by the 'Alamiyah Institute Schools Project' All fundraising campaigns and funds raised under the Alamiyah Institute for the Alamiyah Schools

Project will be transferred over to the AEF. In the future, all campaigns and initiatives for the 'Alamiyah Schools Project' will be carried out under the AEF.



Support our Muslim Montessori School #changingeducation

The Alamiyah Pre-school’s Montessori approach to learning, combined with the Prophetic principles is the first of its kind in East London. 

Help us build our unique educational model to raise a generation of God conscious, inspired individuals fully capable and driven to serve humanity and affect positive change in the world around them. 

The Alamiyah educational vision started with a small team who had a desire to cultivate the immense potential of the children they served. After much research into the best model of Islamic Education, the Montessori method was discovered as an approach that is Prophetic in spirit. A unique synergy of both Prophetic and Montessori models was piloted at Alamiyah Pre-school on its opening in 2011 and was awarded an 'Outstanding' grading in all areas by Ofsted in 2015.

The Pre-school has now relocated to lovely new premises. Your donations from last years appeal helped to secure the building and pay for vital building works. We NOW need your support to continue building this unique model of education in both the early years and primary.

Watch our appeal:

We envisage a future for Alamiyah School that takes children in an educational pathway from the age of 3 to 18 years and beyond. This endeavour is an opportunity to build a unique and transformative education that is, for most parents and teachers, only a dream. May Allah purify our intentions and make this dream a reality for our children and the generations to come. Ameen. 
If you would like to get involved or have ideas of how we can fundraise please feel free to speak to the Principal or email the school at


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