About Alamiyah School

The Alamiyah School stems from a project which began in 2005 with a determined group of home-schooling parents who were eager to create a positive learning environment for their children; one that would foster not only a love of knowledge but give the children a moral framework and nurture each child’s unique genius. The project was subsequently joined by a group of educational professionals and evolved into the Alamiyah Pre-school. We registered as an independent school (Alamiyah School) in 2017 allowing us to cater for children from ages 3-9 years.

The Alamiyah School is inspired by the Prophetic Tradition and will use a curriculum infused with the prophetic stories, arts and sciences. The Montessori approach to early years is the framework upon which the school is based, thus creating an educational experience based on ancient wisdoms and modern discoveries.

The Montessori approach creates an environment that offers each child the opportunity to express and develop their individuality and their innate need to learn. It is based on the natural laws of human development (fitra) confirmed by scientific advances and is therefore perfectly in line with a prophetic model for education. The curriculum is child centered, encourages independence and fosters empathy and compassion.

The project is lead by an enthusiastic group of teachers trained in the Montessori approach, with many years experience with young children. Our teachers are professionals in their field and have a deeply rooted interest in education. Each of them has come to appreciate the importance of the early years learning in a child’s education and development.

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