Emine Said

Quran and Tajweed Teacher

Emine Said is a qualified tajweed teacher who has received two ijazas in Tajweed. Her first Ijaza in 2003 was received from the late Master of Recitation Shaykh Muhyidin al Kurdi (RA) after studying in Syria for just three months. She gained her second ijaza in 2005 after 6 months of further study. Emine has been studying the Arabic Language, Seerah and Hadith in Arabic since 2003 with teachers in the Middle East. As an accomplished and skilled tajweed teacher and a fluent Arabic speaker of Modern Standard Arabic – Fus-Ha, she has helped many students to learn both Tajweed and Arabic. Emine’s primary role in the School is to plan, prepare and deliver Quran and Tajweed lessons to pupils at the School. She is responsible for keeping accurate progress records to ensure that pupils are making good progress.

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