Our Staff

Arabic Language Teacher and Administrator

Aamina moved to Saudi Arabia as a child and completed all of her primary, secondary, college and university education in Saudi Arabia through the medium of the Arabic Language. She gained a Bachelors degree with Honours in Islamic Law along with an Arabic Language Foundation Course from Imamu University in Riyadh. She speaks fluent Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-Ha) and has Ijaza in Tajweed from two different narrations.

Arabic Curriculum Advisor

As a native Arabic speaker from Yemen with teaching experience from Yemen and the UK, Sanaa has the skills and experience to make a valuable contribution to the Arabic teaching team. Sanaa has a degree in the Arabic Language from Hadramaut University in Yemen. Studying the Arabic language in depth has provided her with the skills to converse fluently in Fus-Ha (Modern Standard Arabic) along with the ability to converse in the main colloquial dialects of the Arabic speaking world.


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