Nasima Bobat

Deputy Head Elementary

Nasima holds an Early Years NVQ Level 3 in Childcare Learning and Development. She also has an MA from the Royal College of Art, which brings to the School her extensive experience in a variety of artistic media. She has also trained as an NVQ Level 2 Assessor and has experience in teaching adults and families at the Redbridge Adult Education Centre. As the Elementary Deputy Head, her role is to support the Headteacher with the day to day running of the School through ensuring the welfare of the pupils, liaising with parents and providing managerial and administrative support. Nasima is also a support teacher in the Elementary classroom where she assists pupils in their work, oversees the class to ensure all pupils are engaged and undertakes support presentations. She is also a specialist teacher and curriculum coordinator in the area of Art, Craft and Design and also takes lessons in advanced practical life/outdoor life skills and Physical Education. Nasima is a part time observer in Children’s House and assists with observations and compiling pupil’s reception profiles. Nasima has two key responsibilities in the setting, being the Health and Safety Officer which involves identifying, assessing and managing risks at the setting and the First Aid Officer for both staff, visitors and pupils.

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