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Our Curriculum

Alamiyah Pre-school is a Montessori setting where children are welcomed into a carefully designed and well equipped Montessori classroom that meets the needs of all children. Each day children have the opportunity to work alone with a skilled Montessori teacher who presents to them activities that are suitable for their development. One of the fundamental principles of our approach to education is that children have the freedom to choose activities that interest them from the environment and initiate their own learning. In addition to this children have the opportunity to work in small groups planned around their interests and needs. The Montessori classroom is divided into seven main areas. Children are given free access to all of these areas listed below: -

The Cultural part of the curriculum includes human history, geography, biology, zoology and botany. The children are presented with exciting opportunities to learn about these subjects with custom made equipment, outdoor visits and projects to enhance their learning. The park is perfectly situated across from the school for nature walks and project work. The children will have access to an outside area where they can learn how to plant and grow a...
At the heart of the curriculum is the story of the Prophet Muhammad and the prophets before him. These stories will be relayed to the children and are fully integrated into other aspects of pre-school life including their prayers (duas) and etiquettes (adab). We believe that children naturally respond to stories; as a result, these stories will act as a frame of reference and help stimulate their imagination. The stories will also be embedded int...
Movement and exercise are essential to develop and refine fine and especially gross motor skills, coordination and confidence. Movement keeps our children active, alert and healthy, but also positively benefits the cognitive, social and emotional development of the child.
Drama sessions create an arena for children to express their emotions, see perspectives other than own and develop empathy. Our aim in these sessions is to create a catalyst for a language explosion and to build confidence. Drama activities have the potential to draw out the real personalities of the children and to create opportunities where they can become aware of moral choices.
Careful observations will be the starting point for planning suitable weekly themes that will allow children to further their interest. At the start of each year staff will make a note of seasonal themes and festivals. These will be integrated into the yearly planning, however staff recognise the importance of following the interests of the child and therefore these themes are flexible and will be changed to suit the needs of the current children...
Your Child's Interests The Montessori method of teaching is based upon following each child’s natural path of development. The teachers will closely observe your child to see what stage of development the child is at and what activities can help your child develop further. Teachers will pay special attention to your child’s interests and plan group lessons to further their interest. Parents are encouraged to inform teachers of any interests th...


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